Roseville Life Insurance Information

Flores & Associates: Helping You Understand Life Insurance

Life insurance offers support for your loved ones and peace of mind for you. Benefits are paid to your survivors to provide for them financially after you pass. At Flores & Associates, we help you pick one of many policies to fit your individual needs. Contact us today and learn how we can customize a solution for you and your family.

Some things to consider are:

Term Insurance vs. Cash Value Insurance
Term Insurance provides coverage at a lower cost over a specific time frame (a term). Coverage for a longer time frame, such as your lifetime, means cash value insurance will be more cost-effective. Term policies will not build up cash values for future use.

Whole Life vs. Universal Life
Two different types of cash value insurance are Whole Life and Universal Life Insurance. A major difference between them is how you pay for coverage. For Whole Life Insurance, you pay premiums for according to a set schedule. With a Universal Life policy, you choose a flexible premium payment pattern with a requirement to pay a certain amount necessary to keep the policy in force.

Joint Life
A Joint Life Insurance policy provides coverage cover for two people, using one pool of money if a need for Long-Term Care (LTC) arises. This shared benefit usually costs less than buying two individual policies. Spouses are eligible for Joint protection.

Final Expense
Final Expense Insurance is available to ease the financial burden and help your loved ones to pay any remaining bills after you’re gone. With a average funeral cost of over $9,000 nationally, it can make a real difference to your family if you have invested in Final Expense Insurance.

We proudly offer life insurance services, support, advice and helpful information in the greater Sacramento area, Roseville, Rocklin, Granite bay and surrounding areas.  If you have any questions at all, please contact us here or call (916) 396-4111.